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The salt and pepper store offers grinders, mills and shakers. Find crystal sets, glass and vintage salt and pepper shaker reviews and collectible salt and pepper sets. Top items including stainless steel, anitque and christmas with prices, product information and reviews.

  • Bug-A-Salt Original Salt Gun

    Bug-A-Salt - Fire your fly swatter - The Original Salt Shotgunthe Ultimate Fly Solution Get ready to have fun getting those pesky flies! Get them all with the original salt gun, The Bug-A-Salt. Fill with salt, pump the handle, turn off the safety switch, aim and shoot. Kills fly's within 3 feet with a mini shotgun effect.

    Now: $39.95

  • OXO Good Grips Pepper Mill

    Freshly ground pepper on that? The answer is yes, with the Oxo Good Grips Pepper Mill that covers all bases: A long turning arm with comfortable, nonslip handle makes it a snap to get the grinder started and the adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism offers maximum durability.

    Now: $11.95

  • #1 Salt and Pepper Grinder Set Comes With A Lifetime and Money Back Guarantee If You Don't Love It!

    What Everyone Must Know Before Purchasing a Salt and Pepper Grinder Set! Don'T Even Consider Buying Another Salt And Pepper Grinder Until You Read This! There is a reason we are out selling all other competitors, after you read about our guarantee you immediately know why.

    Now: $19.83

  • Eparé Battery Operated Salt or Pepper Mill and Grinder

    This innovative one hand use system is ideal for food preparation. Just push one soft touch button on the top of the mill and it will begin to automatically grind your favorite pepper, kosher salt, or rock salt. Get the perfect degree of fineness by easily twisting a dial on the bottom.

    Now: $25.00 Save: 28%

  • New Commercial Stainless Steel Versatile Dredge Shaker Set of 2

    Made of commercial grade stainless steel, these dredges features an secure easy screw-on and leverage handle, perfect for restaurant and home use in dispensing salt, pepper, sugar, powdered sugar and other spices for cooking, baking and as condiment containers. Set of 2.

    Now: $6.27 Save: 82%

  • OXO Good Grips Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

    Oxo Good Grips Salt & Pepper Grinder Set: In the kitchen or at the dining table, the Oxo Good Grips Salt & Pepper Grinder Set is always in season. The Grinders are easily adjustable from fine to coarse grind and rest flat when upside down for easy refilling.

    Now: $46.90

  • OXO Good Grips Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

    Whether you need a dash of pepper or a cup of salt, the Oxo Good Grips Salt and Pepper Shakers are the perfect kitchen companions. The hole pattern on top of the Shakers is perfect for adding a light seasoning to any dish, and the pour spout allows for easy dispensing of larger quantities while cooking your favorite recipe.

    Now: $14.95

  • Cole and Mason Derwent Precision Gourmet Pepper Mill

    Cole and Mason Derwent Salt and Pepper Mills Elegant and timeless, Derwent Salt and Pepper Mills offer Cole and Mason's top of the line performance. Built for more flavor and fewer turns, the pepper mill features a gourmet precision hardened carbon steel professional mechanism and the salt mill features a ceramic mechanism for finesse and quality.

    Now: $33.56

  • Cuisinart SP-2 Stainless Steel Rechargeable Salt and Pepper Mills

    Cuisinart presents an easy and elegant way to serve freshly ground salt and pepper. Our stainless Rechargeable Salt & Pepper Mills sit in a sleek power base to ensure mills are always fully charged and ready to grind. Adjust for fine to coarse grinds, and light up food as it's being seasoned for perfect results.

    Now: $59.95 Save: 45%

  • Olde Thompson 6-Inch Caffee Espresso Peppermill and Salt Shaker

    Olde Thompson Caffee Espresso wood peppermill and salt shaker Set is the perfect compliment to any kitchen or tabletop setting. Contemporary dark wood design. Peppermill has carbon steel grinding mechanism that is fully adjustable from coarse to fine. Matching Salt Shaker. Measures 6-inch high.

    Now: $14.97 Save: 40%