BODUM Twin Dual Salt and Pepper Grinder

BODUM Twin Dual Salt Pepper Grinder

BODUM Twin Dual Salt and Pepper Grinder

by Bodum

  • Space saving design combines salt and pepper into one grinder
  • Rotate one direction for salt and the other direction for pepper
  • Perfect for seasoning on the go
  • Adjustable grind mechanisms to change coarseness of the salt or pepper
  • Easy top filling design
The Bodum twin combo salt and pepper grinder spices up kitchen counters and dinner tables alike. With one easy turn of the colorful silicone band that serves as a non-slip handle, the twin switches between salt and pepper. Its powerful ceramic gears make this manual grinder extremely easy to use, especially because of clear compartments showing when the grinder needs to be refilled. The new twin comes in eight beautiful colors and does not require batteries to operate.
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Nice, but not perfect., April 13, 2010
Matt Skuegler (Philadelphia)
I got this as a gift and have had it a couple weeks. It's great, mostly. Feels well made, clever design, nice range of coarseness adjustment (you can set it really coarse, which I like), and it's easy to refill once you figure out the top pulls off.

A couple cons:
1. The price.
2. The logo. Who wants to pay $40 to spend the next 10 years staring at a giant advertisement sitting on their table? The manufacturer's logo should never be the dominant visual element of an item like a salt and pepper grinder, in my humble opinion. But this may bother you less.
3. To adjust the coarseness of the grind, you turn a little whatzit on the bottom. Turn it one way for finer, the other way for coarser. Trouble is, they're not marked, so you never know which direction to turn it without experimenting. A simple little detail would have improved the design.

Bottom line: its a quality product that works well, but it's not for everyone and the visual design could be.

Instructions for Use, February 27, 2012
MmeX "GodeB√łker" (BC)
A lot of people have complained that there are no instructions that come with, and figuring out how to refill the product is frustrating without them. My solution is always to look online and voila: [...]
Really puzzled as to why this wasn't in the box. Getting the top off (pull straight up; don't turn) requires a bit of strength. Hold the bottom against the counter; otherwise, the s/p will come flying out when the top does come off. (Maybe it's just my lack of coordination).

Addendum: well, it appears I may not be able to post the URL for the instructions due to Amazon's policy; that's kind of silly. Anyhow, if you type in a search such as "how to refill bodum salt and pepper grinder," the Bodum website will come up and the instructions are there.

Looks Great, January 14, 2010
K. Legleiter (TX)
This looks great and is very solid. Much better then a different Salt and Pepper grinder which broke last week. This is elegant and very sturdy. It took some detective work to figure out how to refill it. But its so simple! The entire lid pulls straight off (the whole part that says Boldum). I would recommend this!

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