Alessi Salt & Pepper

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  • A di Alessi Banana Bros Salt and Pepper Shakers

    The latest series of products designed by Stefano Giovannoni was the result of a collaboration between Alessi and the National Palace Museum of Taiwan, when the museum approached Alessi as part of its effort to open itself yet further to the international scene, and to encourage greater awareness of Chinese history and culture in the west.

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  • Alessi Pepe Le Moko Pepper Mill

    Pepper mill in PA, black, with regulation knob in 18/10 stainless steel. Jasper Morrison's design is redolent with what we might call "cultured minimalism", with its simple, spare look that evokes archetypal forms, hinting at the long history of the evolution of objects.

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  • A di Alessi Anna Pepper Pepper Mill Red

    Anna Pepper is part of the Anna series by Alessandro Mendini. The pepper mill is in thermoplastic resin with rotor in chrome-plated zamak. With the success of the Anna G. icon, it was inevitable that she would create her own family of objects for the table, kitchen and office, all with the same smiling face.

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  • Alessi Colombina Salt and Pepper Castors

    At first glance, the “Colombina collection” is a lovely design, characterized by a sculptural approach: elegant, new, and pleasing plates, containers and cups made from different materials and in different colours. Actually, if we look closer, a knowledge of table rituals appears in the Fuksas design.

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  • Alessi MP0214 Beachwood Chili Mill Red

    Through the 80s and 90s, the designer of this product, Ettore Sottsass, together with the young designers in his studio, was the core designer for our "Twergi" range of wooden products. This chili pepper mill features red colored beech wood, rendering this piece a timeless addition to any kitchen.

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  • Alessi MSA0212 Colored Beech-wood Salt Grinder Red Black Yellow

    Salt grinder in coloured beech-wood, red, yellow and black. Between the 1980s and 1990s, Ettore Sottsass, together with the young designers in his studio, was the main designer of the Twergi line in wood. This pepper mill is a classical form in turned wood, and it's perhaps the best Alessi design to use this material.

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  • Alessi Michael Graves Pepper Mill

    Designed by architect Michael Graves in 1988, the pepper mill is part of a group of products designed in the 80's and 90's by the architect. This was the first group of products by an American designer to be included in the Alessi catalog.

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  • A Di Alessi Lilliput Salt And Pepper Set - Black/White

    Alessi Lilliput Salt And Pepper Seta salt and pepper set with a magnet that allows the containers to be positioned firmly on the base, but they can also be attached to the steel stem, creating playful new configurations.

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  • Alessi Michael Graves Salt Shaker

    A giant in the world of contemporary product design, Alessi is a family run Italian business founded in 1921 that describes itself as a worldwide ambassador of Italian design. Alessi is famous for its playful design of affordable objects and appliances for the kitchen and the home created in colorful plastics and stainless steel.

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